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Welcome to Cindy Nails and Beauty Salon

We use only the best well-known products in industry such as OPI, DND, Creative Shellac, and other leading premium brands to offer you the best nail services and beauty treatments. We have a wide range of choices with thousands of nail polish, gel and dipping gel colours to choose from.

Fullset and Overlay Set

Nails ExtensionFull SetInfillsTake Off New Set
Acrylic-Gel Polish£33£23£38
Acrylic Perm White Tip£30£20£35
Acrylic Gel White Tip£38£28£43
Acrylic Overlay£25£18£30
Acrylic Overlay Gel Colour£30£23£35
Gel Powder£30£20£35
Gel Powder Gel Colour£35£25£40
Glitter Powder£35£28£40
Builder Gel£33£25£38
Builder Gel Extention£38£25£43
Acrylic on Toes£30£20£35
Acrylic on Toes Gel Colour£35£25£40
2 Big Toes £8£5£10

Nail Care

All our pedicures are carried out in a spa massage chair

Shellac Colour/White Tip£18/£21
Take Off Gel & New Shellac£20
Manicure + Gel / White Tip£25/£28
Pedicure + Gel / White Tip£35/£38
Take Off Acrylic£10
Take Off Shellac£8
Polish on Hands£8
Polish on Toes£10


Nail Repair£3
Nail Art Design (from)£3
Lip Wax£3
Diamonds (x10)£3
Chin Wax£3
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